Thursday, November 13, 2014

Peace in the garden

I am grateful for a peaceful morning without hurry or worry. To be in my garden and be in appreciation of all the flowers in bloom. I always feel a sense of restfulness in the garden and peace. Here too is where I always come to seek you in conversation, Dear God. Here is where I start my day and I realize all the beauty that is around me was created by you.

You are the source of my inner tranquility. Even when I have company I need this time alone with you to feel grounded. You are like water to the flowers in that you nourish my spirit, without you I would wither from spiritual thirst, but with you I bloom like spring flowers.

When we come to you in prayers and conversation you help us to see more clearly, to be in greater appreciation of all that is around us, and you bring a greater sense of joy into our life. When people ask us to pray for them you are giving us the gift of opportunity to come to you more often.

It is a privilege to be asked to pray not an obligation. None of us has a greater sense of being with you for we all have the opportunity to seek you, it is our choice. You have given us all free will but it is not until we include you in all aspects of our life that we fully realize a greater consciousness in all that we do.

A leaf does not fall in our presence that we are not aware of it. We recognize the rustle of the leaves and the feel of your presence there too. We sense the angels all around and know we are guided. We recognize the uselessness of worry and release any fear that tires to come into our beings.

We recognize that when we put our faith and trust in you that our experiences are just lessons toward our continued growth and we look to see what we need to learn from them. You even smooth the way in small things like a parking spot when we need it, good weather for our travels, and the flowers on our patio for our enjoyment.

In return we give you our gratitude and love. You teach us the benefits of forgiveness so we may realize all that troubles us. To not cling to negativity but to let go and let God and each day will be the best it can be.