Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thank you God

Thank you God for the blessings you bring into my days. For the lessons I am learning and the new knowledge I am gaining. Thank you for teaching me how to set my intentions and the importance of them in my life. It has helped me create a clearer and smoother path and to accept a responsibility in my own choices.

Thank you God for helping me have a clearer insight and a greater appreciation of life and the beauty of the universe around me. Thank you God for helping me to have a greater patience with myself as well as others, and a greater vision of the possibilities that are open in my life.

Thank you for giving me the courage to learn new things and to follow a new way of life. Thank you God for teaching me the power of forgiveness and to release any resentments, anger, envy or other negative feelings and thoughts that were blocking me from achieving my higher purpose.

Thank you for teaching me to remember to be grateful for all the small blessings I receive each day. Thank you God for the wonderful friends and loved ones you have put into my life and helped us to achieve a greater closeness by being able to express our love without restrictions or fear.

Thank you for helping me to have a deeper understanding of faith and the importance of releasing the fear in my life. But to also understand that fear can be a reminder to continuously work on strengthening that faith.

Thank you God for all the abundance you have put into my life and the realization that you and not circumstances, or others are the source of all the abundance I receive.

Thank you for opening my mind, my heart and my spirit and for providing me with continuous sources of knowledge so that I may increase my wisdom and understanding in all things.