Friday, November 14, 2014

An age of consciousness

There are many enlightened ones in this present time who see the possibilities of change resulting from their actions, thoughts, prayers and positive energy as well as many others all over the world. In other countries, cultures, religions everywhere people are realizing a higher consciousness and that there truly is effect from the "power of positive thinking" and that creates a more profound change when we seek help from higher sources including, and especially, the creator of all.

We each have spirit guides and angels to assist and guide us. We can increase our energy levels through nature, uplifting thoughts and releasing the negativity within us. We must learn how the power of negativity influences our lives and our interactions with others.

The world has never been more conscious before, that changing the direction of our thinking can change the direction of the world, and that a greater change can come about through conscious thought than in any other field we are exploring.

We are reaching out as never before and seeing the difference one person can make that creates a chain reaction in others. Mere children are establishing ways to help other children in other lands, to change laws that enable others around the world to have an education.

To not be bonded into forms of slavery caused by economic impoverishment. The children are showing us the way. How can we not follow? Love is the answer to all things. And to recognizing that all of us were created in the image of God.

That He comes in many colors. In a variety of shapes, sizes, languages and cultures. That we are all entitled to the dignity of being recognized in the spirit of love we were created, God's love. We must learn to reach out in love and trust in a brotherhood everywhere we are. Sending our angels before us to light the way!