Monday, November 24, 2014

God's Angels

The angels are with us every day. Each moment from the time we are conceived. Some only feel their presence in times of danger but when we become aware we feel their closeness at all times and they teach us to live in greater joy.

They are pleased to help us in ways large and small from locating missing items, saving parking spaces, to warn us of hazards, and to teach us in ways of the spirit. They inspire us in our creativity and comfort us when we are feeling down. They are with us in times of loss as well as in times of joy and as we become more aware we see signs of them everywhere.

They are actively making themselves known in the world for everywhere you look, on the T.V., in songs, in magazines, in statuary, and books, the faces of angels and their words in music call out to us. Their purpose is as messengers, to remind us God loves us.

The are here to guide us and to watch over us. To let us know we are never alone but surrounded in God's love. They are ready to help, all we need do is ask. For centuries artists have been drawing angels. Their pictures can fill a large museum and then some.

They are beings of light and joy. They bring us a sense of peace and desire to live a more spiritual life. To be close to God in all that we do. To take the time to be grateful for all the blessings we receive. To see the beauty around us.

To help others and to serve God in whatever capacity we are guided to do so. They light up our lives as well as our hearts. They make us feel lighter as if we too could take wing and fly. They teach us how to reach out, to share, to open our hearts and to be more loving.

They are our companions in the light of day as well as the dark of night. They watch over us as we slumber and at times come to us in our dreams. At the end they are there to escort us to heaven. They are that still small voice within that warns us or tells us all will be well, to be without fear. To be in faith and to be the best that we can be, for it pleases God. They guide us along our path in life, a beacon from God.