Saturday, November 8, 2014

Change your outlook

What direction do you want your life to be going in? Is the direction you are seeking spiritual or material? What brings a sense of happiness into your life? Do you allow yourself time each day to be quiet and go within? To remember all the blessings of the day and to be grateful?

To truly see the beauty of the world around you? Life isn't about struggle it is about the small joys we can give, share, and receive. It is about counting our blessings instead of our sorrows. It is in taking the time to smell the roses. In sowing goodness in order to reap the benefits. In making a difference in our existence.

By recognizing the opportunities and synchronicities in life. It is not just seeking but doing. Setting aside time for self, to pray, meditate, read and yes, to be quiet are ways in enrich our spiritual growth and to express our gratitude for each little blessing in our life.

To be aware and be grateful is one of the biggest life changing things we can do. It opens our spirit to an abundance we never thought possible. We learn to concentrate on the positive instead of dwelling on the negative. It changes our way of thinking and brings a sense of empowerment and of being truly loved.

It's a realization that God has always been there in our corner and of His unconditional love. That we don't have to be perfect, just willing. That life itself is a wonderful experience not a drudgery to be gotten through day by day.

We can experience joy through sharing and giving. To pass on part of the blessings we receive. We can be more loving in our encounters with others. To act as a loving child of God instead of reacting as an injured party.

We can set our intentions before we begin each day. We change the world one step at a time by changing our own perceptions. Life truly is what we make it, and when we change our outlook we change our reality. Then all things are possible.