Thursday, November 13, 2014

The road to kindness

We must try to be conscious of why we were called to this life. What is our destiny and how does our existence make a difference in the world? Not all of us were created to be world leaders, or saints, inventors or philosophers.

We may in fact think our life is mundane, but all of us make a difference in someone's life. We must be conscious of the examples we set, of what we say, of our morals and convictions. No one passes through life unnoticed. As parents we are teachers of children.

When we work with the public our interactions make a difference in their perceptions. Do we treat others with kindness or impatience? Can we see beyond the exterior and remember that they too are spiritual beings created in God's image?

Do we practice tolerance of others as well as ourselves? Can we see the bigger picture in life instead of concentrating on the little day to day hardships, aggravations or feel we are caught in a sameness day after day? We need to open our eyes to the beauty of the world and as the sources of energy it creates within us.

We must remember all the reasons God gives us to be grateful on a daily basis. It helps us to develop a greater life vision and to see the goodness all of us are granted that we constantly overlook. When we dwell on the good in life it increases in volume and the irritations and hardships shrink in importance.

We learn to shift our values to the positive which causes a greater synchronicity in our life. We live knowingly and act knowingly, think and speak with greater thought. We want to pass on to others the sense of blessing, peace and joy we feel in our lives. To share the wealth more or less. It helps us to become kinder and more loving people.