Tuesday, November 4, 2014

On the road of life

Time moves like a wheel in motion, ever turning, cyclic. Sometimes it seems to be speeding by and at others moving more slowly. It takes us to different places in our lives and the process we encounter many others on their own journeys.

We may ride with them awhile or just pass them along the way. There are times we stop briefly at crossroads and may change directions entirely. In our childhood we seem as passengers with someone else always in charge, steering us to our destination, but soon enough we take the wheel ourselves.

We learn to be alert, to watch for danger signs, to have a destination in mind and to follow the roads that will take us there as directly and safely as possible. It may be necessary to travel through storms, at times, which means we need to use extra caution and always we need to be aware of others and our interactions with them.

We need to pay attention to conditions that we didn't create but may have an effect on us and our lives. We ourselves must accept responsibility when others choose to accompany us, especially those who are young, helpless, and impressionable.

Unless we are a hermit our journey is never solitary and our choices may not only change our lives but those around us. Sometimes our choices have far reaching effects to people we may never know. That is why it is important to live consciously.

Looking behind, to the sides as well as ahead. For we never know when or where something or someone may come out of nowhere to change your life and the direction in which you were traveling. Listen to your inner guidance.

Be alert not just to danger but to blessings and abundance that you may recognize them when they appear. And when you make your stops along the way take time to look at the beauty around you. It too is a gift and a blessing.