Wednesday, November 26, 2014

In fear seek God

Be truthful in all things for to be in denial or to lie is to be in fear. When we are in truth God is with us. And in truth we put our faith in Him and He blesses us and brings us abundance. God's messengers, the angels, tell us "do not fear".

Each time we conquer our fear our faith is strengthened. We will be tested many times in our life but each time, as we practice faith, it becomes easier to release the fear and to turn to God for our answers and our guidance, and He responds.

I used to live in such fear and in false security until the day I turned fully to God. The answer came more rapidly than I anticipated as if God were only waiting for me to seek Him out, to ask, and to release my fears and my future into His hands.

He has been walking with me each step of the way since. Now I know to immediately turn to God when doubt or fear try to raise their ugly head and He always leads me to a positive outcome. God has not revealed to me my future but has lead me step-by-step on the path toward it, guiding me.

When I have brief instances of doubt or fear I only have to recall all the miracles God has working in my life thus far. To remember that He will reveal what I need to know at the appropriate time and in the meanwhile to be grateful for all my many blessings He has provided.