Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Small miracles of God

Life is full of small miracles that we take for granted. That God gave us sight that we can see the beauty of creation. That God gave us hearing to listen to the sighing of the wind, the melody of the birds, songs that lift our hearts and the joy of words spoken in love.

That God gave us the sense to smell new mown grass, roses in bloom, the perfume of nature all around, a steak on the grill or our favorite meal slow cooking to be shared on the holidays. The sense of touch and a variety of texture that we may feel including a caress, a hug, a kiss that warms our heart.

That God gave us a mind that we may think, reason and learn. That God gave us a heart that not only pumps the blood through our system but empowers us to be moved by so many things and so many people. That God gave us legs that we may walk, run, dance and jump for joy.

That God gave us arms that we may enfold others and embrace life. That God gave us time to be a part of this world and to make a difference when and where we can. That God gave us a sense of humor that we may laugh and a sense of empathy that we may cry.

That God gave us a sense of wonder that we may be in appreciation of some many things, a hummingbird in flight or a butterfly with wings like stained glass, a rainbow at the end of a storm. God's amazing grace is everywhere we look reminding us of His love for this world, everyone and everything in it.

Take the time to see, listen, feel, laugh, run, smile, play, be serene, notice, be joyful for all the gifts of abundance God grants us. Take nothing for granted. Each day is a blessing not a trail to be gotten through. Don't waste precious moments worrying about what ifs but take pleasure in the now. Don't waste the small miracles while waiting for something bigger to come along. It has - you!