Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Growing Spiritually

You are being called to help others understand how to live more consciously. To question their intentions so that they serve the true purpose for their existence. When you seek the information for personal growth and increased knowledge, it will be given to you for your spiritual growth.

At this time it is God's desire that we all are more spiritually aware. That is why there is so much information being made available, and why He is influencing those who have the ability to write, to produce and bring to the world the message He wishes us to have at this period in world development.

It is a very important era we are living in. The era of spiritual wisdom and intuition. To be in touch with our total being of the spirit as well as the physical. To know that our conscious awareness makes a difference in our lives and living to the fullest possibilities.

Thus we can accomplish more through conscious intention. It is important that we do this for the benefit of all and not just for personal gain. To teach others how to truly see and appreciate raises the spirit to a higher level and increases the energy fields of the world.

When we consciously make love a greater part of our intentions we draw others to us in a desire to share that radiation of harmony they feel when in your presence. To increase that energy you must be willing to release any negative thoughts, feelings, resentments, and past hurts that will restrain your spiritual growth.

When we release that energy it is necessary to continue to release any negativity that we encounter until we become beings of love. When we are, everything in our environment becomes much clearer, more radiant and it too boosts our energy level and becomes part of our spiritual growth.