Saturday, November 1, 2014

Today God Gives Rain

I love the rain. To me it is a sign of cleansing and renewal. It is God refreshing the earth, filling the streams and the lakes. The dark clouds move steadily overhead and the air is fresh and clean. The world seems quiet and at peace.

The plants turn up their heads seeking refreshment. I sit on my patio and seem to be alone with God today. The maple trees are covered with brown leaves and are almost bare. It is truly a winter day. It makes one think of a warm fire, soft music and a good book to curl up with.

But I know homework awaits me. With it I learn something new each day. But first and foremost I take time for God and to be out of doors whenever I can. God does not mean for us to lock ourselves away each day but to take time to marvel at nature in gratitude for the beauty it holds.

Each day is unique and filled with surprises that are slowly revealed. We should not rush through our days but savior them. We cannot regain time lost. I am in appreciation each day. To have the company of the birds and my cats.

To be able to hear the music I play as I work. To be aware of all God's blessings. I try to make each day a spiritual journey. To honor this day and not worry about the tomorrows to come for they are in God's hands. My life is still filled with purpose, of learning and growing.

God works in mysterious ways and He has a plan for me and it will be made clear in time. Meanwhile I will have faith in His loving care. A frog has started his croaking, thankful for the rain. He is hidden well in the bushes, but has made his presence known. It reminds me that we do not need to see to believe. God too makes His presence known. Thank you God.