Saturday, November 22, 2014

Life is evloving

God gives us rainy days and sunshine, dark clouds and white moons, winter snow and spring flowers, autumn leaves and summer breezes. All things are gifts from God and therefore good. He gives us changes in our lives just as He creates changes in the seasons.

From childhood to maturity is the gift of growth and discovery and a preparation of purpose. Life isn't to be wasted but savored. Lessons are for the learning. Like steps on a ladder they help us climb higher spiritually. Learn with intention. Ask for guidances.

Be open to change and new directions. Life should never be stagnant but constant movement like the streams it carries us to new places, new knowledge, new people and new growth. We are never too old or young to grow, to experience new things, to start a new career, to find new ways to be of service, to make new friends and to see new places.

One thing that never changes is God's constant love. Some people have the misconception that God is too busy for us individually. They are so wrong. God loves to hear from us. He wants us to share our everyday experience. He is generous in His abundance and guidance.

God has the capacity to be everywhere at all times. To hear everyone who seeks Him and to answer. He is not limited but all powerful and when we turn to Him, He acknowledges us. He sends what we need when we need it.

The greatest thing we can do is serve Him with the gifts He has given each one of us to use. No one's gifts are greater than another's but the tools each of us needs to fulfill their particular purpose in this lifetime. God has prepared us. He never deserts us and we can call on Him anytime night or day.

We all encounter periods of storms in our lives but the sun always shines again. Take time to notice the beauty around you, to go within and be at peace. Take time for gratitude and be prepared for change with an open heart.