Thursday, November 20, 2014

Friendship's Blessing

The gift of friendship is truly a blessing from God. He puts many people in our path and gives us the opportunity to bond with those that seem to be on the same spiritual journey as we are. Sometimes those we have known for some time, through circumstances, become a lifelong friendships.

They are the ones we can share our hearts with. Our true friends. We learn from each other, we share our dreams and our growth. Isn't it a wonderful world that we live in a time where communication is so much easier? Where we can reach out on the phone or the internet to touch those that we love and all our friends.

But we must not forget the written world either. To put our thoughts to words and give thanks. To take time to document our dreams and our progress. To take time to tell others we care, to wish them well and to bring a smile to their faces when your messages of love, friendship, and caring arrive.

These are keepsakes of the heart. Isn't language wonderful? That God gave us the tools to express ourselves. When God gave us "the word: He quite literally did in more ways than one. When we share our blessings He gives us with others we are sharing the news of God's love for all of us that they too may believe.

Reach out your hand in friendship to all that you meet and embrace with your heart the knowledge that we are all God's children. Listen for the message He sends to you through others. See the synchronicity for what it is. God is working in your life and in the lives of others.

He brings us together for a purpose. Live in awareness so that you may recognize the greater purpose in all things. Know He is preparing you for even greater blessings. Have faith that God will show you the way. Look toward the light and reach out your hand in friendship to all!