Sunday, November 23, 2014

God's lessons on life

God gives us lessons that we may learn. He gives us blessings that we may share and learn gratitudes. He gives us hope that we may be in appreciation. At times He gives us despair that we may seek Him out and learn that He is the source of all of our joy and our abundance.

God gives us what we need when we need it so that our faith may grow in His almighty power. Sometimes God needs to give us a wake up call in order that we may change our life and look to Him to guide us to the right path.

Life itself is a learning process. We learn what works and what doesn't. We also learn that when we make God a constant part of our life we have a greater understanding, appreciation, and awareness, as well as a greater sense of gratitude for all things.

What we thought was important loses its relevance once we are spiritually enlightened. The things like a new car, a big house, fancy clothes, lose their value. God puts our life into perspective and teaches us what to truly value, and the simplest things become of great worth.

The beauty of the day, the sweet call of the birds, a gentle breeze, the love around you whether from a pet or a parent. Time spent meaningfully with a friend or a child. To not rush through your days unconsciously, but to savor each moment. To be truly alive and in a state of clarity.

To be a part of all-that-is, and to live joyfully. Life becomes not a series of duties but a gift to savor. We learn to look for the lessons in all things instead of reacting. We learn to live simply, peacefully. To take the time each day to put God first and not to begin our day without Him.

To acknowledge His presence in our lives and the great difference that makes. Take time to talk to God and to listen. To see more fully and to accept not only the gifts He brings us, but the blessings and the lessons to inspire us and in our continued spiritual growth.

Without God we are as nothing but with Him all things are possible. Nothing is too great for God to accomplish. He can move mountains and create rainbows. He is aware of the smallest creature as well as what is in our hearts. God wants only the best for us and for all things.