Saturday, November 15, 2014

Be a receiver

Sometimes we have a sense of change in the air and a conscious vibration from others here and in the beyond. We feel an unrest because we are not taking the time to listen to what they are trying to communicate.

It is more productive to sit in an atmosphere that is conductive to receive, quieting ourselves and going within. To open our spirit that we may tune in. Otherwise we find ourselves in a state of restlessness doing busy things unable to truly concentrate and release our spirit self.

We have a sense of being out of tune and don't know why. When the answer comes we understand it perfectly and wonder why we didn't follow our intuition. To seek the peace that would have guided us to being a receiver for the transmittal.

We are new at living intuitively and can unknowingly block our consciousness. We say we are only feeling restless or ungrounded when what we have forgotten is that in order to hear you have to silence the inner chatter. It's like having your telephone wires crossed and all you are getting is static or interrupted conversations.

You must remember to re-center yourself and breathe, to seek that inner peace. To empty your mind and open your spirit. To be in quiet meditation. That's how you hear the word of God and how you can also receive the thoughts that others are sending and to be in tune with the universe.

We must learn to listen actively by allowing ourselves the optimum conditions. Continue to seek a sense of peace within for when you do, you become part of the universe within and without. You bring yourself into harmony with all-that-is and out of the shadows of the physical world only.

There are many dimensions to the universe right in your own space. Open the window to let in the light and to receive the knowledge from here and beyond!