Monday, November 10, 2014

Lost time traveling

Sometimes it can be almost as if time is lost, as if your presence was elsewhere, and maybe you were. For at times we can feel as if we have just woken up or stepped back into our lives. We look at the clock and are amazed that so much time has passed as we remember just sitting down to some task for what seems like only minutes ago.

Are there portals we occasionally step through? Have we gone to speak with our spirit guides to access our journey? Have we stepped back or forward into another lifetime? We call this zoning out or lost in a daydream of which we have no recollection. But is that really what happened?

I think we have the ability to transport ourselves, to reach other dimensions and the only clue we were gone is the lost time we cannot account for. But somehow we feel as if something important has occurred. We have a sense of feeling rested and it takes awhile to adjust back into our surroundings.

We may shrug it off for forget it until the next time it happens. Then it is like a sense of déjà vu. Where have we been? The spirit self has the power to transport itself anywhere and sometimes we are aware, such as in astral travel. When we become fearful we immediately bring ourselves right back.

At times all we have is a dream sensation of being elsewhere. We can vaguely remember a different time, place, people, scenery that may be totally unfamiliar. Sometimes we can remember briefly bits of conversation, even in another language, what we overheard or might have been involved in ourselves.

Often we are afraid to share it with others that they may think we are a bit off or we worry ourselves that we might be. We are afraid to think there might be a truth to being elsewhere or that perhaps we can even control willingly our absences, and we can.