Sunday, November 16, 2014

Discover your passion

Our job isn't to follow. It's to find new paths that our spirit my discover its true purpose for being here. Paved roads only lead where others have already been. To places they have built from their own dreams, necessities, or greed. What are our dreams?

What do our castles in our minds look like? Do we want to live someone else's dream or our own? We need to discover our passion and follow it to our try purpose. Look deep into your spirit to see what brings you joy. What is it of yourself you want to share with others and the world?

This is the product of your vision. Following its path will lead you to a life filled with promise, joy, creativity, sharing, accomplishment and peace. When we serve others that our life's passion our life holds no wonder, expectation or fulfillment.

God brings the abundance we need so that we may serve the purpose we chose to come here and fulfill. We get locked into occupations, jobs, duties, places, because of fear and uncertainty. We lack the faith that we will be provided for.

That we can accomplish our heart's desire, make a difference in the lives of others and ultimately the world and earn a living from it. This is an archaic way of thinking that we learned from others. Perhaps in childhood.

The world is opening to new ideas. A more spiritual way of living, of seeking to follow through intuition, synchronicity, and an acknowledgement of what brings us inner peace to seek our sense of right living, of making a personal difference and of living fully in the spirit.

We learn it is important to be quiet in order to truly hear our inner voice speaking. To not be afraid to do things in a new way. Of creating a new path that yet others may follow. Of climbing the mountaintops that we may better see the beauty of creation, and searching within instead of without to find where we are going.