Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dealing with fear

Sometimes fear tries to raise its ugly head when you think you have learned to be beyond it. When you try to suppress it instead of dealing with it you find your body reacts in revolt. Getting sick in the middle of the night, head-achy and sore, restless yet fatigued.

You've forgotten that fear is a process of learning and we are never through learning as long as we have breath. You must take time to examine the elusive fear that is speaking to deal with it appropriately. What is your spirit trying to say to you?

There are bells ringing and going off but you have not taken the time to look at the cause. Go back, be at peace, listen that you may hear and understand. Each fear is like a crossroad that we arrive at, to pause and check all directions before moving on.

If there is something impeding our path such as a train crossing we must wait until it is clare before going ahead. At times we are not really clear just what the fear is but we know it is there. That is when it is time to go do some excavation, to peel off the layers so that we may find the source.

Usually it is something we already think we have conquered but have been too busy to do our homework to check and see if it really has. The fears come up to tell us we still have work to do, and sometimes it seems that the more we do the  more we have to do.

That is part of spiritual growth. It is a lifelong process and new challenges will always be entering our life. If not it would stagnate. God wants us to grow and fear is a part of that divine process. It is how we deal with it that makes the difference.

Do we let it immobilize us? Do we ignore it or do we try to find the source and thus heal and move beyond it? God has given each of us spiritual guides to help us if we take the time to seek their counsel. If we become quiet within instead of paralyzed by fear. He too is always with us. Just ask!