Tuesday, November 25, 2014

See with your heart

Sometimes what seems a thing of beauty can spoil the image by just opening its mouth, and sometimes what seems to us as flawed turns out to be a thing of beauty after all. We cannot judge solely by outward appearances but how we feel as we spend more time in the company of others.

To see the beauty of the spirit within and not just the exterior appearance without. True beauty does not depend on perfection but accepts the uniqueness God blessed it with. Nothing is decreased by a handicap when it is blessed by a loving nature that reaches out and into the heart of others.

We spend our time looking for perfection when nothing is perfect in this world. We are human therefore flawed. For only God is perfection. Some flaws are just more apparent than others. What we need to look for are the blessings just as we do our gratitude for the gifts we receive each day.

God blessed each of us with special gifts unique to ourselves and our purpose. It is how we use them that matters. Do we use the for greed or do we use them to give? Everyone makes a difference in the world somehow. We can choose whether we make it a positive or negative difference.

We can go through life blindly, which has nothing to do with our vision, or we can live in awareness and be conscious of all that we do and say. God gave us the ability to choose. Some of us will only make small differences and others will contribute important changes, but none of us knows when something we say or do affects the life of another.

Try to live as an example of your beliefs. Don't neglect the kind word spoken that may enrich the life of another. Encourage goodness, kindness, charity, love, tolerance, and humility. For we all live and we all die, it is what we do in between that matters.

Don't postpone the good that you can do today, it may never pass again. Look beneath the surface of things and into the heart. Don't be fooled by false appearances but see the beauty in all things. Remember to be thankful no matter how small the deed. It encourages others.