Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lessons from the birds

Are we aware of the bird's call in the morning? Each of them greets the day in their own way. To be aware is to be conscious of their voices calling to each other or just praising life. God provides for their needs, the trees to nest in, the warmth and beauty of their feathers, their wings so that they may soar, nectar, worms, seeds and all manner of food that they may dine abundantly.

From their vantage point they may see many things. The have learned to live in a community with others and of varying breeds in peaceful co-existence. The love and care of family is obvious. They care diligently for their young, provide for them, teach them how to fly and when it is time send them off to live their own lives and build their own nests.

Many pair for life. When a group fly they take turns leading the way and following. We can learn much from them in community living, sharing, parenting, providing, and group effort as well as living in peaceful co-existence with your neighbor.

We need to remember that what affects the health of the planet in one area affects us all. That the children everywhere are our future. Education should be a right for all if we are to improve and preserve our planet. Those that learn more do more. We are all equal in God's eyes, and as He provides for the birds He will provide for us if we let go of the greed and learn to act more as a community instead of individually.

God wants us to reach out to others not in pity but in humanity. To see the brotherhood in all men. To not just provide but to teach so that we can enable others to fly, to have a vision of possibilities. If we each one reached out to one other person what a glorious world this would be. Eventually we would link arms around the world in peace, harmony and love. Together we could change not just our life but our lives.