Monday, November 3, 2014

Do not judge

We are always too quick to judge people, experiences, situations, what is said or unsaid. But it is better not to judge but to look for the lessons and the love in them. What are we suppose to learn from the experience? How can we grow through it? How can we act loving instead of judgemental?

Instead of embracing anger, hurt, victimhood, self-pity and react in kind, look for the part your own actions played in the event. We think we hide or mask our inner feelings but its energy speaks through our body language, our tone of voice and inflection and many ways we are not aware of.

We unconsciously speak what we don't say. That is why it is important to be in greater awareness. Instead of seeing the surface perspective look for the underlying truth - in ourselves as well as others. We cannot know everything others are feeling but how they are acting.

What we can control is how we react. Is it in a loving manner that honors our best self? If not we can choose differently. Not for their sake only but for ours. To be the best we are meant to be. If we try to be in a state of love we will act in a state of love, regardless.

It is not as important to concentrate on what someone did as it is what we learned. That is what life lessons are about. Learning and growing from that knowledge. It takes us to a newer level of consciousness. It is not for us to sit and judge ourselves either.

That we should have done or said or reacted differently. Only what we can have have learned through the experience. When we learn to love ourselves more we are able to be more loving toward others. When we give up judging we learn to look for the underlying truth.

Love is the difference. When we can see that others are creations in God's image, as well as we, we learn to see differently.