Monday, December 29, 2014

We are never alone

When we feel lonely we should remember God is with us at all times and in all places. The angels walk with us wherever we are and watch over us as we slumber. All we need do is ask for their guidance and their company.

Listen for that small inner voice that speaks to you. It will remind you that you are never alone. Share your thoughts with them. They will dry your tears, ease your fears, bring joy into your life, keep you company on a cold night.

They will never leave you and neither will God. Learn to talk to Him as you would your closest friend. He will give you faith to overcome your troubles, light your darkest hours and answer your prayers. When we are unsure God will show us the way.

When we are lost He will guide us home. When we believe God will supply what we need. Put your life in His hands and let Him cradle you in His love. God never lets us down. He knows the plan for our life and will lead us on the journey through the valleys and over the hills to our destination.

He will make the rough path smooth and supply all that we need to succeed. Wherever we are, there God and His angels are also. Take time for Him. He always has time for you. Give thanks - He appreciates hearing from you.

Enjoy the beauty He has created in the world - it is for our enjoyment. Life wasn't meant to be lived as a race, caught up in an endless cycle of deadlines. Let Him take charge of your life and make it a thing of beauty and service.

God will give you the time to not only smell the roses but to plant them, water them, nurture them as He will do for you. God loves to hear us laugh and wants us to have time to play. The angels will sing and dance with us - they love to make a joyful sound unto the Lord.

Give your thoughts, your loneliness, your life unto God and He will make it a thing of beauty and fulfillment. You are never alone.