Tuesday, December 16, 2014

God gives me words

Sometimes I just sit here and wait for words. Words that come over me in the quiet chill on my patio in the early morning. I pray and ask God for the words each morning and He fills my heart and guides my hand. Sometimes, later, I share the words, sometimes not.

For more than two years this has been my daily ritual. It is a spiritual journey on paper. It grows as I grow. I can look back and see my progress. I also keep gratitude and dream journals. The funny thing with my dreams is that they always seemed to evaporate until I started keeping a journal.

Now they are remaining more clear as if God has a purpose for this too. Ready too is a book on synchronicity but it remains, as yet, blank pages. Though I've been sharing my thoughts on this here on my blog.

In time God will have me fill it too or He wouldn't have given me the idea to begin it. Sometimes the thoughts seem frivolous and sometimes deep. Sometimes they are poetic and sometimes not. They are ever changing as I am.

God has brought other things into my life: an abundance that is more plentiful than I ever expected, a sense of serenity I have never lived before, a knowing that there is a purpose to my life even though much of it is as yet unrevealed.

I know I am right where I am supposed to be to learn and to listen. God has put the potential for a new career at my disposal and the wisdom to open up and enjoy the lessons. He has given me the opportunity to be nearer my family and recently the upcoming opportunity to see new places.

I know I am going to relocate but I have no idea where. That too is in God's hands and will be revealed to me in time. He has given me a new sense of awareness and appreciation of the beauty of His creations. To be alive in the moment each and every day.

I receive the encouragement of friends and family who no longer doubt that God is guiding me or in the talents He has bestowed upon me. I no longer live in fear or doubt but in faith. The "what ifs" are no longer a part of my vocabulary. Now I open myself to God and seek what is.