Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Trial Strengthens Us

Instead of asking how long this trial will go on ask God for the faith and strength to see it through. Believe it is in His hands and He is working in your best interest as He has been all along. Be in faith that all will be resolved as God, not man, sees fit.

He works miracles every day. Your continued abundance is assured. We cannot see the larger picture but God can. What you had thought was impossible you are doing. He is building your strength through adversity. Your knowledge through living. He is preparing you for what is to come next and only God knows what that is.

He has work for you to do. Things to accomplish in His name that only you can do. Be of good heart. Believe and you will receive. When has God ever failed you, really? It is good to pray for strength and understanding. Many trials come up in our lives.

It is how we get through them that counts. God hears our prayers, knows our thoughts, sends angels to guide us. Prepares us for the battles ahead and tells us to stand back and let Him handle them on our behalf. He tends to the birds, the trees, the flowers, insects, animals, and all life.

Do not imagine that your own is not important to Him. There is a time for all things and in patience and faith we can see the work in progress unfold. Like a picture it is accomplished one brushstroke at a time. Painstaking at times when we work on intricate details and at other times in broad strokes as we fill in washes for background.

God will guide our hand and our heart. He puts the means and the inspiration into our lives for us to achieve all that we are meant to accomplish. Trust in God with your whole heart, with your mind, and with the spirit of God within you. He will reward your faith and bring new light into your life. He will bring closure truly so that a new door can open to you.