Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Walk with God

Take time to rest when you are weary, listen to your body and your mind. Take time to be quiet within. Do not drowned out your own thoughts, feelings and God wotj constant busyness and inner static. Put aside time for serenity, prayer, meditation, and just being at one with the spirit. Especially during busy holiday seasons we need to seek time so that we may ground ourselves, be at one with nature and revitalize our spirit which is the essence of who we are.

Take time away from the crowd, and just be alone. Listen to your inner voice. Don't accept more invitations than are humanly possible. Honor your own self as well as others. Take time to breathe. This should be a time of joy not of obligation. Love what you do and who you are with.

Do not forget the meaning behind the occasion. Christmas is about Christ not gifts, parties and overspending. It is a time of great faith, a new birth, and God's blessings. For peace on earth and goodwill toward all men. It is a time to love and share. For unselfish acts of kindness, and a preparation for a new year, a new beginning.

Take time to think upon the blessings and changes of the year ending. Of accomplishments made, of new directions sought in the possibilities yet be. Take time to give thanks. To ask for guidance and direction in the coming year. We often take time for re-evaluations but forget to numerate our gratitude.

How can we better serve? Give back? Make a difference? When we start each day with God we set the tone for the day ahead. We include Him in all that we do, that we cannot do it alone. And when we walk hand-in-hand with Him all things are done in a more conscious manner and with greater love.

He enlightens us and lifts us up. Life itself becomes clear and He blesses us with an abundance we never thought possible. For this season and next year make it a walk with God.