Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Prayer Vs. Worry

Oh God, teach me not to worry over things I have no control over but to pray. Worry is useless but prayer has strength. Worry leaves us feeling helpless and alone but prayer reinforces our bond with God. Prayer is a release while worry keeps our spirit in captivity.

Worry has never solved anything, but God in His power and love has answered many a prayer not just with insight and answers but where needed with miracles. Nothing is impossible with God. Prayer is a reaching out in faith.

It raises our consciousness and it teaches us how to listen and to believe. God has answered many, many prayers for me. He has in His answers shown me a new path, restored health, mended relationships, saved lives, enlightened not only me but others whom I have prayed for.

He has provided abundance where needed, fed the hungry and taught me how to be of greater service to Him. God has taught me a lot about faith and that it is an absence of worry and fear for they cannot co-exist. Through prayer and meditation He has taught me to slow down, to take time, and to be in greater appreciation and awareness.

He gives me what I need when I need it and He is the source of my inspiration. God has restored my hope and taught me to believe in myself as He believes in me. I don't have all the answers but God does and He has revealed to me a new way of living.

I have turned my life over into His hands knowing that God only wants the best for each of us and that He will show us the way. God has shown me that my talents are to be used, not wasted, and He has sent me the teachers, books, and tools to use that I may be better equipped to serve Him with them.

He has taught me not to pay heed to the negativity of others but to rely on the truth of Himself. What He says we can accomplish, we can make the world better, and each day I give prayers of gratitude.