Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Take nothing for granted

Precious is the day as it opens, the sun rising in the sky, the birds singing as the sky lightens, taking joy in its promise. Each day is a gift God has blessed us with not just to rush through unheeded but to be savored and enjoyed. We may have work to do, so do it in joy for many have no work at all.

It may entail lots of traveling, be grateful, for many cannot move from one spot. It maybe that we work indoors all day but be grateful you can take your breaks and your lunch outside. Do not eat at your desk but go outdoors and relish the beauty around you.

Remember many are shut in and cannot make that walk out the door. Our day may require us to interact with others and calls on the phone and messages sent. Be thankful for the ability to speak and write. Do it with joy in your heart and kindness in your words for many were born silent or have had their voices lost to them in some way.

There are many who would love to just be able to hug a loved one, let alone to communicate with their hands and there are those whose hands are their speech and if they lost their use may be silenced for life. Take time to walk and look around at the sky and the trees, the colors of nature, the aroma of wet earth, of the sea, the smell of pine or eucalyptus for many can't walk, or see, or smell.

They cannot hear the crash of the ocean or the leaves rustle in the breeze. Be aware for you are blessed. Take time to go within, to think and contemplate and remember many have lost this ability through illness or accidents.

What a joy it is to meditate and pray. To think through problems and make decisions. We are truly blessed who have sound minds. Those who are aware and who take the time are truly blessed, who value the gift of life and each day.

For many are caught up in greed and possession. They cannot see the beauty that is free to all created by someone more talented than we. Let your mind and heart soar with the birds who circle on wings up high. They look down where we are and see the earth as they fly above us in the sky. Each day is a gift and when we see it so we are enriched.