Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The lesson of patience

This week I seem to be given many lessons on patience in one form or another. It is something I obviously need to learn or God would not be grating me so many opportunities. Now I am able to recognize them as lessons instead of simmering in frustration and I am able to be grateful as I know that God is preparing me for whatever lies ahead and strengthening my faith in the process.

God does give us what we need when we need it including lessons that will serve us well in our spiritual growth. In each little thing let me grow and to let go and let God. He will sustain me through all things and I thank Him for showing me what I need.

I am trying to prepare as He paves the way for me. As I desire to find my roots God shows me the path that leads to a treasure of knowledge. He has put put people in my life to assist with this search, to teach me and to enrich my life. He knows the desires our heart and answers.

He makes the dream a possible reality. It is what we believe that we receive. For now He is teaching me patience and to take one step at a time. To announce my intentions by my attitude, perseverance and making preparations. To wait for the good things that lay ahead of me.