Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My birthday blessing

I couldn't do better than sharing my birthday with God and in the same month we celebrate His son Jesus' birth. I am in good company indeed. As a child, I always felt cheated because my birthday was in December and my parents couldn't afford extra presents so my Christmas presents were also my birthday presents.

Now I realize how wonderful it is to share this month with our Savior. With the holiness of the season and the meaning of peace on earth, goodwill toward men. It is a month when people try to be a little kinder, be more charitable and loving.

A time of sharing and giving, and I feel blessed. I love the winter coolness even if the toes and fingers get chilled. I love the lights and the smell of pine trees and the warm smiles on the faces you pass. The sharing with others at holidays.

Friends, family,  and greetings across the miles. Each day the mail holds surprises. Carols fill the air. Songs of inspiration, love and hope, as well as peace. It is an opportunity to give not just receive, and now that I am an adult I realize the importance of giving to others. Not for thanks or acknowledgment but to help make life better for those who are not as lucky as me.

To pass on the blessings I have received. To let others know how special they are and that God cares. Through us He spreads love to the world. We can light the darkness in someone's life and make a difference. We can set an extra place at our table and invite someone who would spend the day alone.

We can open our spirit and our heart. Buy one a gift for a child who otherwise would do without. Pick up some extra mittens for cold hands, warm socks for cold feet, and help supply a warm meal for empty stomachs.

It is blessed to be born in a month that symbolizes caring, sharing and giving. God has truly blessed me on this birthday!