Sunday, December 21, 2014

Just change your mind

We manifest in our lives what we believe to be true. If we think we can accomplish things we can. If we think we are helpless then we are. If we believe we can overcome obstacles, with God's help, then we can. If we live in fear that we will be abused, taken advantage of, financially challenged then we will be.

If we live in faith that no matter what happens, we do our best, we put our lives in God's hands and follow His guidance and know we will prosper according to His will, He will provide for our abundance and our needs, and so He does.

We are like spiritual magnets in that what we believe is what we draw into our lives. We have free will in thought, in belief, as well as in action. God and the angels will not usually intervene unless we ask them to. How can we change our life?

By acknowledging that we are a creation of a loving God who wants only the best for us. By knowing that we are created in His image and thus are a part of the great I AM. That all we need to do is change our mind to change or life.

No one can do it for us. We are free agents in the universe. We can live in love or live in doubt. We can be in faith or be in fear. We can ask for help, release all the negativity we have been clinging to and find a new life of peace, joy and abundance, or not.

It is not an easy road for it requires that we do our interiour homework, follow a path of constant learning, that we be of service in God's name. That we live in a greater awareness. That we are conscious of what we do, say, think, feel, and that we desire to bring only goodness and truth into our lives.

That we withstand the trials that come before us with continued faith and be willing to be an example and a witness to God's love for all. To be of service when and where we can and to have an attitude of gratitude at all times. To be grateful for the lessons as well as the blessings.