Thursday, December 4, 2014

God sends angels

Oh angels of God... you who sing His praises also teach us to have faith. You watch over and guide us on this road called life. You announce great events such as the Christ child's birth, and you speak in a still small voice within us that all will be well.

You are messengers from on high and your calling card is a feather left to tell us you are here - all around. The angels are not a thing of the past written only in the good book, but of the present and the future. God gives us earthly angels too that lead by example of their goodness and giving their service to others.

When we ask someone to "be an angel" we are really asking them to perform a good deed. There are many examples of a stranger appearing when someone was in need and then just disappearing in the blink of an eye, not into a crowd but into the unknown.

Later we come to realize it was an angel and we were blessed. They can come in any form including animal. They can disguise themselves as the poorest of the poor. We can never tell when we may be entertaining an angel, so treat each circumstance as a possibility and you will not disappoint yourself or God.

Look for the messages that are brought to you. See God's hand in all things. What is the lesson we need to learn? Are we open to receive? Do we ask for guidance? God wants to be involved in our life. Each of us has a purpose to fulfill.

We may not see it but God knows it and will guide us through events, synchronicity, angels and if we are living consciously we will follow. Fear is what keeps us from hearing and seeing. There is no room for fear in faith for it is complete trust in our Father's guidance.

Not all messages come written in stone. Some are just whispered in the wind. No one is too unimportant for God or His angels. He loves us equally. This is the season to remember, to be prepared, to give and to share and to be open to the possibilities of miracles. God loves us all!