Monday, December 22, 2014

Ode to joy

Joy is increased when it is shared. The more we give to others the more we receive in return. Giving opens our heart to the universe as does prayer and meditation. It is the simple things that bring us joy. It cannot be bought, does not have a value in money but is precious indeed.

It is a treasure without price. To anticipate a new grandchild is a joy. To hear the voice of a loved one long distance is a joy. To share a day with good friends is a joy. To get up early and watch the sun rise is a joy. To receive a thoughtful note in the mail is a joy.

To review old pictures and happy memories is a joy, and to share them is a double joy. I have truly been blessed with much joy in my life. I can appreciate the soft breeze and feel as if I am wrapped in angel wings and when it touches up my face I feel as if an angel kissed me in the place.

The sound of the wind soft and sure is like the sound of angel voices clear and pure. God talks to us in many ways. Listen to nature and hear what He says. When we see a flower beautiful, its color profound, we see
God's love in action without a sound.

Everywhere we look His glory is unfurled whether it's in our little corner or all over the world. The evidence shows in every bird and bee and the majesty in every tree. In the clouds that gather overhead and the soft rain that falls upon the flower bed.

He shows us in the sunlight and the stars that shine at night how much he dearly loves us and why He gave us sight. Nothing we create can ever compare to the work God created, His artistry is everywhere. He also created me and His plan is that I be the best me that I can be.

That I reach out to others every place and everywhere to remind them to notice just how much He loves us and that He really does care, and to always give thanksgiving for the joy we share.