Thursday, December 11, 2014

Day of promise

This is a new day full of promise and I will fill it with only good experiences. If all I accomplish is inner growth and wisdom, that will serve me later, my time is not wasted. Each day has brought me new insight and a loosening of negative blocks that have been hampering my growth, negative beliefs that kept me from being, my authentic self, negative self-esteem that has prevented me from accomplishing my soul's desire.

The time spent on self growth and affirmations and release will lead me out of the valley of darkness that has bound me and hogtied me into being less than God meant for me to be into the light of God's love and endless possibilities, to be all that I can be and more.

I now realize I cannot be responsible for the doubts and inner struggles that are holding others back. Forgiveness, love, and understanding have to be learned by each of us, on our own, in order for us to find our own path in life, and open our eyes and hearts to the world around us.