Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Words of Wisdom

Be careful in what you say but be equally careful in what you don't say. Do not hold back words of love and healing. Treat others with the kindness you wish to receive yourself. It is better to swallow bitter words than to speak them.

Do not hold on to words or actions that have wounded you but instead be quick to forgive. Let peace and healing begin with you instead of waiting hopelessly for another to apologize or to mend a riff for that might not happen. The longer we wait the bigger the chasm grows.

If someone lends you money repay the debt before you buy one new thing for yourself, that you owe no one but God. Honor your friendships by keeping in touch. Be there in the good times and the bad. Be a good listener and not always quick to give advice that was not asked for.

Sometimes all that one desires is a good listener and a compassionate heart. Be the first to reach out to others. True friends are as precious as gold or the finest of gems. Respect others, their goals and dreams, their right to privacy and that they too will make mistakes even as we do.

Do not expect perfection for it exists only in God. Take time for the simple things in life, sometimes they create the greatest memories. The small act of kindness, the encouraging word, the thoughtful card may be just what is needed to make someone's day, to bring them out of the valley of despair and to take the new step into the future.

Challenge yourself to always do your best and then to do better. Be positive in your attitude. If we look for troubles they surely will find us. See others in clarity and not color and remember God loves variety that is why He make so many different flowers, but they are all His creations.

Put on a smile when you go out for it brightens the world and the hearts of those you pass along the way. Take time for God every day. The day that begins with Him begins in joy and will not end in sorrow. Count your reasons for gratitude each day of your life and I guarantee a change of attitude for you will see many blessings you once took for granted and will know you are truly blessed. Be the person, you yourself would like to be around.