Sunday, December 14, 2014

Twisting Road

We plant seeds and they grow. God plants seeds and they become. The seeds we can only plant, God has already created. Sometimes we struggle in this world because we think we know what God intends and we get stuck in that moment or perception, and we think that if we change it we are giving up.

God doesn't see it that way, He just has new plans for us and wants us to be open to them. Life is a cycle and within that cycle are many periods of growth and change. When in our youth we anticipate change, we expect to grow and learn, whereas later in life we fight against it.

We think we know by then where our duty lies, what our life's work is, and what to expect in return. Then life throws us a curve and we wonder why. Quite possibly it's because we haven't been listening. God says you've accomplished that cycle, it is time to move on.

He has new plans for us if we would only quiet ourselves to listen. But instead we close our minds, or scream of life's unfairness, wallow in self-pity, or keep repeating the mantra that what we feel defines us. Guess what, God's changed that definition, he wants to plant new seeds and have you grow, to become something more, something better.

Instead of struggling we need to quiet ourselves and ask God what He plans for us, what new directions are we meant to take in our life's work. For certain it is always a more fulfilling path He has in store for us.

We should look forward to the new beginning with anticipation and wide-eyed wonder and put our faith and trust in God knowing it will be as the fulfilling as the twists and turns of life have been so far.

For the road of life is never straight and sometimes we come to a pause as we wait for the light to change but if we admire the scenery on the way, joyfully greet new faces and experiences we will know life is full of God's blessings.