Monday, December 15, 2014

On motherhood

The gift of life is so beautiful. A new child comes into the world and it is filled with hope and promise. Their eyes seem to speak to your soul and your heart is theirs forever and your life will never be the same. Each accomplishment they make in life is a milestone for both of you.

The first step, the first toothy grin, the first smile, the first word, and it seems to gather momentum until it is the first day of school, the first date, the first solo drive in a car. Eventually comes the day they declare independence and move into their own place or miles away.

As mothers we cheer them on and applaud their successes. We watch them when they are newborns and almost count each breath they take as they are sleeping. We run with them as they learn to pedal their first two-wheeler and we learn to let go so they can soar.

We read to them when they are little and learn to listen to them as they grow and develop their own ideas. We encourage their talents, attend their activities, and cheer them on. We are their best audience for our love is unconditional.

If we do it right we reap the benefits of their respect and friendship, and a bond that can never be broken. We attend their graduations and their weddings. We share the important stuff like holidays, birthdays, and mother's days.

A visit is a major occasion and a cause for celebration. They can also be the source of your encouragement as you try out new dreams, new vocations, hard times and happy times. To you they are a success no matter what they do, be it a cook or a corporate manager.

You just encourage them to be the can at whatever they do. You try to teach them to be kind, to look for the best in others, to be free of prejudice, and to share. To know right from wrong, that cheating and lying are bad, to be a friend in order to have one.

You want the best for them, but also realize from pain comes strength and we make mistakes in order to learn, that everyone has disappointments but to have gratitude for their blessings, see the beauty in each day, to have faith in God and themselves, and that life is a gift.