Saturday, December 20, 2014

My heaven on earth

Homecoming after we have been away is filled with pleasure. Of being in our own space, sleeping in our own bed and being being greeted by the familiarity that says this is our haven. Over my door I keep a blessing for all who enter here and as I step over the threshold I too feel blessed.

The angels have watched over my home in my absence. My kitties show me affection and let me know I have been missed. I wake up and have my tea in my familiar garden and thank God for all He has given me.

Traveling is wonderful. To see other horizons. Watch the sun set on distant shores. To explore new landscapes. To meet new people and visit loved ones and to always have a place waiting that we can call home. I reach out to friends to see how they are doing and to give thanks for all my many blessings.

I have learned to slow down, to be more aware and appreciated in my life. My joys are not in big things but in all the small things that are part of each day. God has granted me many blessings. This is a special time of year to remember all that the past year has brought us as well as all the many other years that have led to the present. The now of our lives.

If I had not gone through the challenges of the past I would not appreciate as much the present. It is life lessons that help us to grow. That prepare us for a new season and teach us gratitude. My life is still unfolding but now I observe it with more wonder than before.

I wonder too where the road will lead. Where my future home will be. A little more in nature I hope. I have come to love the sanctity of nature and the peace it brings to me. I would like a bigger area to garden. Life too is about planting and reaping. For what we sow in life is what we receive in return. May I be able to give to others some of the blessings God has given to me.