Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A new beginning

It is a wonderful time in life for me. I never thought getting older would be a blessing but it has been. It is a time for new doors to open. To not hurry so much that I don't notice the day. It is a time to enjoy the quiet, my own thoughts and being alone. But we are never truly alone and I have learned that too.

God is very near me in my life and the angels are all around. I don't find it strange anymore that they speak to me. I'm used to that still small voice within and I have learned to listen and to ask questions. The phone and the computer are my good friends. They keep my in touch with my children and friends when we no longer live near one another.

I have learned to take time for me and to not feel guilty. I enjoy my own company, good books, soft music, the out of doors, and life in general. God in his wisdom has put new learning into my life. It is a new beginning and I look forward in appreciation.

I don't miss the hectic pace of my youth. Life is simpler now but more profound and my priorities have changed. God now is first on my list and I greet Him each morning before I start my day. I take time to truly see the beauty around me.

God has taught me that I can rely on Him. To exchange faith for fear. To let go and follow where He leads. Each day is a gift and I try to be wise in my use of it. To not waste time hurrying and worrying. To be more giving. To make time for others.

To not live on a schedule but by God's plan. To love new challenges, new ideas, and new technology. To believe in myself and my abilities because God created me as I am and means for me to use the talents he choose for the to touch others somehow.

To not waste what I have receive but to use it to the best of my ability. To listen to the guidance I receive and to be always grateful. This is the best of times for now I realize the beauty of God's gifts. Life is just beginning.