Monday, December 8, 2014

Lessons of the birds

Watch the birds and you may learn much. See their freedom of flight and know that we all were created to be free. See them soar in the sky and catch an air draft that enables them to ride the wind and know that God carries us too when we are following His path.

Watch a flight of birds and see how they take turns leading and when they tire they fall back and let someone else come forward to lead for awhile and realize that we don't always have to be the one out front at all times. That there is a time to lead and a time to follow.

A time to rest and a time to work and that when we do things in harmony we can accomplish much more than alone. Watch the birds when they are building their nests, gathering their seeds and that they are provided for them.

Trust that God will provide for you also. Watch as they care for their young. How they take turns going for food and feeding and caring for their little ones in total cooperation. And when they are old enough to fly how together the parents teach and encourage that their children are able to leave their nest and know the joy of accomplishment as they take wing on their own.

Listen to them as they sing joyful praises each day. The harmony of many different birds joining together in praise and song. This is how we should be with our brothers and sisters here on earth. Each in our own way, together, make a joyful noise unto the Lord in love and cooperation one to the other.

See how the birds live in a community and in communication. They realize that God provides enough for all and that at times they must hunt for their food and at times be aggressive doing it but that they always share and provide for family.

They have the freedom to live wherever they want and travel at will returning to home in tree or nest. They take their responsibilities quite seriously. God provides their clothing and color, their voices and for their needs.

Does God love us less? When we turn to Him in our lives He provides for us as well. We too need to learn to be grateful and to thank God for our daily blessings. God thank you for today!