Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Colour my canvas

You are the counterpart to me
the other side of my image
we are as two waxen figures
once, one, now melded into two
still your thoughts pass through time
and space and foreverness to be with me
when you hurt inside...
I feel the pain too
when you cry...
I know why you weep
sometimes even before you speak
I know what you will say...
you of all people would understand why
I had to leave so much behind
and pull my shell up tight around
to discover who I really am
only by living inside myself
was I able to survive...
as a butterfly needs its freedom, so do I
only by running did I find myself...
but through all the closeting of my emotions
you, especially you, came through
I feel as though the soul of me
is finally beginning to weave itself together again
oh, but I'm still so frightened to react out
and again I am feeling the stirrings, and desire
to say in my own way
how beautiful it all is
to reach out and colour my canvas of life again
I want to be alive with every breath within me
to experience all that is happening
now and in the tomorrows of my life
and to feel each moment to the uttermost
I am capable of...