Thursday, December 4, 2014

We are never alone

We are never alone. When we feel cut off from the world we only need to reach out starting with God. He is always with us. Angels surround us ready to guide us and to show us the way. Feel God's presence in your life even on the bleakest winter day.

Go out into the world and see the wonder God has created and feel His nearness. Feel the calm within as you look into the skies and see a bird's flight high above. Inhale the freshness of the air, crisp and cold. Bundle up and take a walk with the Angels.

Soon there will be windows filled with Christmas lights and trees hung with ornaments. The scent of fireplaces warming the inhabitants within their homes. See the anticipation on the faces of the children and know that the miracle of the Christ child's birth is soon to be celebrated.

Winter is a special time. It brings the beauty of the pristine snow and the sound of carols. It's a time of sharing and love. Of mailboxes filled with greetings from those near and far. The Angels too sing God's praises and remind us of what is important in life. It is not how much we buy or fancy place settings.

Is not how much we have but what we share. It is time to reach out and make difference in the lives of others. To remind them that they to are not alone but that God is there. Buy a toy for needy child. Crochet a blanket to keep someone warm. Visit at children's ward at a hospital or an old age home.

Seek out someone who needs to be cheered. Donate a few dollars so that a homeless person can have a holiday meal. Set an extra place at the table and invite a neighbor who is home alone. Be one of God's earth Angels. We can all help in some small way.

When we are feeling alone it is time to get busy. God has work for us to do and He is with us every step of the way. This is the season of sharing and caring and counting our blessings.