Tuesday, December 30, 2014

God's Synchronicity

Synchronicity in words is God call out attention to what is being said. Synchronicity is always God's message. His way of saying "pay attention", "this will help you" or "you need to know and understand this". It's always a "wow" moment that if we don't immediately recognize it as so, its effects linger to remind us and make us aware.

I find that as my consciousness increases so do my instances of synchronicity. It is as if I am on the right channel to receive more frequently. God is continually speaking to us, and reaching out to us, it is just that we are not tuned in or that the static we create in our own lives keep us from hearing; we get so caught up in busyness that is not truly important in the way we are here, to our true purpose that we cannot hear the higher messages that are being sent.

In order for us to do this we must learn to quiet the interior chatter to learn to be quietly conscious whether through meditation or learning to "just be" in order to receive. Our antennas need to be tuned into our spiritual self. The self who remembers who we are and why we have come to this life, in this lifetime and what we have come to accomplish.

When we are on the right path we will recognize it by the joy we feel in what we are doing and the synchronicity of events that take place. Events will fall in place. The people we need to meet will come forward and the teachers we can learn from will come into our lives.

God is the source of all synchronicity. It's His way of saying "yea" and sending us encouragement to carry on where He is leaning us to. When we are doing the right work we will accomplish it with joy and God's help. He gives us all that we need to succeed including the abundance that sustains us.

Synchronicity say "do don fear, but listen". Tune into the channel of hope and purpose. God enables us to do more that we could on our own. He opens the doors to a new future with those that also are on our path. He brings us all together in a new consciousness and synchronicity is a tool He uses to accomplish it. Have faith that He is leading you and follow.