Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Today's lessons

I am grateful for the lessons this day holds. To give to others what I can whether it be a birthday wish to someone far away, to listen patiently to someone who needs to talk out their problems, their fears, and their thoughts, to give of my time when someone needs help.

These are all ways we can honor our spirit and do God's work. To give of yourself is more important than to just write a check. To be there when you are needed even though you might prefer being elsewhere. To do things joyfully from the heart and not begrudgingly.

Some things money cannot purchase. Love is one of those things as is caring, patience, time, and sharing. These things we need to give our children whether they are small or grown, as well as friends, and family. Do not begrudge it as it is time well spent that lives on in memories long after we are gone.

Make the most of each day. Take time to pray and to be open to learn, to laugh often and at times to cry. Call and write to those you do not see often to keep in touch, to let them know you care and to keep the communication lines open and the relationship close.

We need not let our ties unravel or lose contact, only neglect can do that. Use pictures for postcards that they may not only hear from you but see what you see. Share your thoughts, your photos, your poetry, your prayers, and your caring.

It is the next best thing to being there and may brighten someone's day, lighten someone's heart, bring a smile, and let someone know they are never alone for they are in your heart and thoughts. Be thoughtful in your everyday life.

Let someone in a hurry go ahead of you in a checkout line. If you see a little thing you like buy an extra one to share with a friend. Share stories as if you were writing for a magazine. It will bring your world alive in theirs. Be open to enlarge your circle of friends. Plan outings that you can create memories together. Friendship days are beautiful celebrations, the only requirement is time together.