Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Life is for living

To read, to know, to understand, to grow. Life is constant change and learning. We learn to overcome what we thought was the impossible, to adapt to different places, new situations. We experience loss and gain. Each day is a new possibility to treasure.

Look forward to it because you do not know what joys it may hold or what lessons it has to teach. Life is about reaching out, offering friendship, being there, and about love. Not love of things for they soon pass away but to love life itself and see it as the gift from God it is.

Count your blessings and you will find that they grow. Sorrows are but pit stops along the way, don't cling to them. Don't spend your life never getting started while you are waiting for the perfect opportunity. Take a step to begin. Use the talents you were given, don't waste them.

Don't live in fear for nothing is attained that way. Celebrate often, just for the joy of it. Celebrate a rainy day or a sunny one, the first snow or spring flower. Celebrate a new accomplishment or just trying with a joyful heart. Celebrate family and friends, pets and people.

Encourage others, never hold back a word of kindness for you never know what a difference it will make in someone's life. Dance when you feel like it and laugh often. And always, always keep learning. Learn to be quiet within so you can better hear the wee small voice of the angels speaking.

Learn to appreciate all the beauty of the world around you and to "just be" a part of all-that-is. Learn to slow down and not always be in a hurry. Learn that there is joy in everything from cooking to cleaning. Take pleasure in all that you do.

Talk to God at every opportunity and be open to the answers you receive and to His guidance. When He leads you in a new direction, willingly follow for God always has a purpose and knows what He is doing even if we don't.

This is called faith. To allow ourselves to make a leap or take a step into the future trusting in God knowing He would never lead us astray. Do acts of kindness for the joy of them, not for recognition. Life is to be lived.