Sunday, December 28, 2014

Slow Down

God sometimes wants us to slow down that we can better appreciate, that we can truly see, so that we can listen and truly hear His voice and the voices of the angels that we may be guided on our journey. For as humans we get too caught up in what we think are the "have tos" in life often overlooking life itself which is the real purpose to our being here.

When He slows us down we learn to reevaluate life itself. What is it we need to accomplish? How can we live a more genuine, fulfilling life? What gifts did God give us that we are meant to use? How can we make a difference?

When we slow down we take time for others and most important, we take time for God. We learn that we are not alone. That we can rely upon Him for our abundance and we need not hurry and worry through life in order to survive.

When we learn to listen the blessings start pouring in. We find ourselves being led on a path that is more satisfying than the life we were living in haste and overload. We notice the birds singing and the smell of the fresh air.

We learn to enjoy our work for it is God's work we are now doing. Instead of working to live we now live to serve and what we do makes a bigger difference not only in our life but in the life of others for we are fulfilling our purpose and through it we reach into the heart.

We learn to put God first and to take time to just be in the world. We truly understand that there is time for everything under the sun and we learn to take time. We don't need to fill up each minute of each day with busyness.

We don't need to spend fourteen hours a day at a job in order to survive. That was never God's plan. We as a people have forgotten to ask God what we were meant to do. We have forgotten to take time to listen. Then God helps us to slow down and when we do we can hear the angels speak and life is good.