Friday, December 26, 2014

Meaning behind words

Look closely at the words people say and instead of anger you may detect insecurity or fear. Learn to truly listen behind the words to the hidden message that you may encourage others in their growth. Reassure them of their value and your love.

Hear the pain they have experiences instead of passing judgement. Remember the teachings of God that love is not conditional, it just is. When we are at peace with ourselves we do not feel threatened by the assessment of others but ask God's guidance in seeing all things more clearly.

We cannot listen beneath the words when we are busy reacting in return. Ask God for clarity before you act negatively in return. Go within and seek peace, wisdom, and guidance. God is always ready to listen without judgement as so should we be.

Take your concerns to Him and He will show you the way to help them and yourself resolve any differences. To go beyond the fear that caused the hurtful words, actions, and decisions with loving reassurance. When we learn to look deeper for answers and turn to God we will receive them.

All things will be made clear. Thus we can give kindness and love in return. Instead of rejection we can embrace others in healing love. The same love God gives to us when we turn to Him in our fear, our anxiety, our insecurity.

He knows what is in the heart of us all. He sees our imperfection but does not run away. With God's help we can put our pain away in search of truth and receive peace instead. God leads us when we are willing to learn. When we see the lessons in things then we can learn by them instead of reacting to them.

Their feelings and words are not necessarily about us but arise from their own past pain. Their inner child. See the child and love the child and you can heal the wound not only in your own heart but in theirs. When we learn to see beyond the moment we have made another step on your spiritual journey.

For God says blessed are the peacemakers. We can all be peacemakers when we allow and seek God's teaching to reach a greater understanding in all things. Words cannot hurt us unless we allow them to, but they can lead to healing.