Thursday, December 18, 2014

It is up to us

Know that God has plans for you and even though the way is not clear to you, it is to Him. Trust in Him and follow where He leads. Be always in awareness of the blessings that each day holds instead of missing its beauty while your eyes are on the far distant horizons of the future.

Each day is important, its beauty, our accomplishments and our joy. It is not to be wasted for the tomorrows that are yet to come. Love everything you experience and see the lessons in them. For all is a learning experience for you to grow, expand and be the best that you can be.

It is important to be aware of your inner spirit and to nurture it, for this is the true you, not the shell that houses it. Be in touch not only with yourself but with your angels for they are here to assist you and guide you as well as to watch over you. Ask them for clarity that you may better understand.

Be not impatient for tomorrow but have patience for today. God will take care of the rest. Try to learn something new each day. Keep active, eat healthy, nourish all of you - your mind, your body, and your spirit. Take time for play as well as work.

Keep a positive attitude. When we look for the blessings in each day we are too busy to be depressed or angry and we actually increase the blessings we receive and the same for our abundance, when we stop feeling we are its source and open ourselves to the universe we find it comes in many forms and from places and in amounts that we never expected.

God will provide when we believe and thus allow ourselves to be open to receive. We also learn that miracles are possible all the time. Synchronicity becomes a common occurrence as our  whole attitude changes into one of living in faith, trusting that God will provide as He has promised.

We are free to choose how we will live, what we will believe and what we can accomplish. It is up to us to allow the doors to be opened. God is waiting.