Friday, December 26, 2014

Trust in God

Things happen for a reason. Don't get stuck on the how or the why. Just know that God is watching over you each day and each hour that time goes by. He knows what is best for you and always keeps you in His care. You may not know the why or how but trust He is always there.

He reminds us of His bottomless love with small miracles you cannot explain. With an angel whispering in our ear telling us to carry on and to climb up and try again. He knows what our needs are more than we and will guide us on the path we need to accomplish every task.

Just ask God for His assistance and He is always there to love, to guide, protect and teach and give you abundance and some to share. He loves us more than we do ourselves and knows what we can do to make this world a better place for others as well as you.

He has entrusted us with a plan that is our purpose here and slowly He reveals to us each step to getting there. He gives us others to care for and love and sometimes show the way as partners or parents or mentors so that we can make a difference today.

Life isn't about big homes and fancy cars although they are nice to have, but the difference you have tried to make in His spiritual behalf. Take time to look, take time to see the beauty of everyday. Take time for peace and meditation and gratitude and remember to pray.

Live consciously every day in appreciation for the gift of life that was given to you and what you do with it. God gives us each a talent whose purpose you should use for the good it will bring, be careful what you choose.

There is no want in the world of God, that comes from the greed of man. When we learn to love and learn to share there will be abundance in every land. Don't hold on to what you're not meant to keep but bless it on its way. It's gone to someone who needs it more. Just trust in God today.