Saturday, December 27, 2014

God leads the way

To have abundance we must rid ourselves of our limited thinking and believe that we are worthy of abundance. God is ready when we are, and we receive what we believe when we feel unworthy or that we are limited in any way then we are.

God only gives us what we feel we deserve. Why do we feel undeserving of His blessings? God loves all His children. Ask and you shall receive He says and it is true. I have come to believe I am worthy and God has blessed me ten-fold.

I have also learned to believe in myself and the talents that are gifts from God. I no longer listen to the naysayers who tell me it is impossible for me to achieve and that I am not worthy of success. I now know it is in God's hands and my hard work.

That is is more important to listen to that small inner voice than the many outer voices. The inner voice is spiritual and is from God and He wants the best for us and knows the plan for our life. The outer voices may come from others who feel threatened or jealous.

They want you to believe you cannot succeed. But I now know that through God all things are possible and where He leads me I will follow. I trust in the wisdom of the Lord and the new doors He has opened to me and I am no longer afraid.

Fear has no place in our lives when we have faith. To do that creativity I am guided to do and that is serving God and my true purpose. God has put me on a new path and is lighting the way and He has showered me with the abundance to achieve.

I have learned to open myself to listen and to be grateful. God is the one constant in my life. I rely on Him in all things. Since putting my life in God's hands it is fuller, richer, more abundant and joyful. God reveals to me what I need to know when I need to know it.

On faith I follow His guidance and know whatever I achieve will be through Him. His is the way and the light, the truth and the means. God provides.