Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Years end and begin

A new year starts like a new book, at the beginning again. It opens to new promise, new goals and achievements we are not even aware that will be accomplished. It begins with hope and joy. The old year ends on a note of celebration and time to spend with loved ones.

A celebration of renewed birth and a reminder of what is truly important in life. The year that's ending has been on one of great spiritual growth for me. It has brought me an increased understanding of the synchronicity in my life and in the lives of others.

A seeking for a greater truth and a serenity of living previously unpossessed. I have learned when I start my day with God it is enhanced, and when I close it with gratitude I gain a greater awareness of all the blessings  that have taken place during the day.

Each little thing becomes of more importance and I feel fulfilled in ways I never understood before. When I release things into God's hands, instead of worrying over them, the outcome is always better than I would have anticipated.

God truly knows what is best for us and guides us on the path of enlightenment. He provides for our needs in greater abundance than we ourselves could supply. He inspires us to be better and to do better. To share with others that they too may realize His generosity.

He has cleared my vision so that I am more aware of everything in my environment. I have learned to truly see, to believe, to live in faith, joy and love, each day. He has even brought nature into my life as the birds come to my patio, flying up to my face with no sense of fear.

A frog came and sat on my table, within reach, as if for a social call. They feel no sense of anxiety in my presence and I feel it is a gift from God. He sends feathers to remind me that angels are always near. I have learned not to hurry and not to worry.

Learned to treasure the peace in my life while at the same time working harder to fulfill the tasks and goals God has given me to achieve and to be grateful for them and to hope I am making a difference.